Cloning HDD In VirtualBox

A common use of Virtual Machines is to test and run stuff till they are trashed. The magic is that each VM can be brought back up in no time with combination of save points (A.K.A Snapshots in VirtualBox) or … Continue reading



Change MAC Address In Windows

It is possible to spoof the MAC address in Windows without going into the registry. The network will go down during this process so it’s best to stop or wait till all downloads or any other network related activity has … Continue reading



Linux Terminal Not Auto-completing

in the terminal is one of the most useful features in command line. Both DOS and Linux support autocomplete with the key . This is when you type part of the command or file name and press tab to complete … Continue reading



Formatting A Floppy Disk In Linux

Recently I ran into trouble with an unformatted floppy disk (it was virtual but none the less). It refused to mount because it did not have a valid file system and under Linux you need to specify or at least … Continue reading