Off-Site Data Backup Part 1

Overview So many things are stored digitally nowadays from messages to photos but how many of them are irreplaceable? I fear for losing my data from past experience but even more so now that I have a child. Thankfully my … Continue reading



Share .bashrc

Suggested by Dave Bradford, it turns out you can share .bashrc files between computers and use symbolic link. Rename the file: mv ~/.bashrc ~/bashrc.bak Dropbox example: ln -s ~/Dropbox/.bashrc ~/.bashrc where the .bashrc is stored in the root Dropbox folder. … Continue reading



Organising Photos

Overview Dave Bradford has been on it again but this time on file or more specifically photo management. My existing library contains camera shots from film days scanned in to digital shots from things like phones totally 44GB. Organisation of … Continue reading



Run Dropbox On Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Overview I wanted to set up Dropbox on a headless server so I can access files sync’d rom Dropbox as well as having an online backup of the files away from Dropbox itself. Install Download and extract the zip file: … Continue reading



SpiderOak Mini Review

Overview I was looking for a replacement to Dropbox after the EULA / T&C changes and found SpiderOak to be a very attractive alternative. It’s a backup and folder sharing / sync software which runs on all 3 major platforms … Continue reading



Dropbox Causes Duplicate Folders In Mozilla Thunderbird

Overview I have been busy migrating from Windows 7 RC to full retail version of Windows 7. It has taken over 1.5 full days (which includes half a day formatting a brand new 1TB hard drive). During the course of … Continue reading



Sync Mozilla Thunderbird Using Dropbox

Overview I have had a Dropbox account for a while now but never really used it till now. There have been really good tricks and uses to Dropbox posted on the Internet and I finally decided to try my hands … Continue reading



Dropbox Case Conflict

I was setting up Dropbox but it doesn’t seem to handle folders with the same name as a file in Ubuntu.