Windows 10 Waking From Sleep

Overview Since switching to Windows 10 I have been seeing the computer being woken up from sleep from random events here are some of the things I looked at to solve the wake up issue. Setup Set the computer to … Continue reading



Windows 7 Monitor Power Test

There is a report generator in Microsoft Windows 7 which can help you track down what is being used in terms of power. The report tells you what is stopping the computer going into sleep mode (if sleep mode is … Continue reading



energy@home Project Update v0.4a

It’s been a while since I have mentioned the project energy@home I have been working on so I thought I’d share the latest picture of what it looks like. I will soon be tagging and release a new version with … Continue reading



energy@home Mention On GNC#518

I sent in an Email to Todd on the Geek News Central Podcast and he kindly linked my project in his show notes which can be found here. You can hear the recording on episode 518 around 1 hour 13 … Continue reading



Energy@Home Released On Google Code

I have formally uploaded and started using Google Code to host my energy monitor I’m using / developing. It has been released under the GPL license so feel free to take a look at my messy code and leave some … Continue reading



Recording CurrentCost Data & Viewing It On The Web

Overview I have (finally) got my project to a working stage so I thought I’d write a bit about it. After buying a CurrentCost CC128 device I was not happy with the software on the Internet for extracting the data. … Continue reading



Current Cost CC128 Envi Review

Overview A home automation article popped up in my RSS feed and lead me to this cool device. It’s a combination of a display and sensor which allows you to monitor and track the amount of electricity is being used … Continue reading



Tesco’s 15W Mini Spiral Mini Review

Overview I recently got a cheap lamp which was falling apart but it still worked. We needed one for the flat because the living room was on the North? side of the building and therefore didn’t get a lot of … Continue reading