Energy@Home 0.7 Released

This new release with the main focus on multichannel support. There were a lot of paint along the way most noticeable performance issues. The multichannel support allows for 2 or 3 phase CT clamp compatibility. Channels are different from appliances. … Continue reading



energy@home 0.6 Released

0.6 contains mainly web UI changes and includes: New Data tab – Contains a table / grid of the graph data Various bug fixes -See check in comments Updated flot libraries to version 0.7 As a consequence to flot 0.7 … Continue reading



energy@home 0.5.2 Released

A minor release but fixes the issue where Apache was reporting an error due to a missing variable. The new version also contains more changes “under the hood” such as using JSON natively during GET operations (graph data) and clean … Continue reading



energy@home Project Update v0.4a

It’s been a while since I have mentioned the project energy@home I have been working on so I thought I’d share the latest picture of what it looks like. I will soon be tagging and release a new version with … Continue reading



Energy@Home Released On Google Code

I have formally uploaded and started using Google Code to host my energy monitor I’m using / developing. It has been released under the GPL license so feel free to take a look at my messy code and leave some … Continue reading