My Canon DSLR Journey Part 4 – Flash Gun

Overview After buying the camera, SD card and a bag it is ready to use on the go. In this post I will go through the accessories I got next. Equipment The next item on my list was a hood … Continue reading



Page Speed Tests

Overview Since April 2010, Google has incorporated page speed and loading times into it’s search ranking. Whilst this may not be a huge factor in the rankings it’s something to be aware of. This means optimizing web sites has never … Continue reading



Monitor Calibration Software

Check out Flat Panel HD‘s website and go to the “Test software” category to get colour patterns to calibrate your monitor. I found the patterns to be OK but you need Flash for the downloadable and interactive versions.



Ubuntu Music Streaming Server – Ampache

Overview I wanted a music server for personal use so that I can access my music collection remotely or locally. A web front end with the ability to stream to various players would be key. It had to run on … Continue reading



Why Linux Desktop Is Not Ready… Yet

Overview I have taken the good old Linux computer to the new flat as the main computer here. My girlfriend uses this computer to do her daily activities like checking email. Over time I have noticed more and more show … Continue reading