Preparing For Ubuntu 14.04

Overview With Ubuntu 14.04 LTS coming up I thought it would be fitting to discuss my plans for upgrading. My current setup has 1 computer running 12.04 LTS and it has been running relatively well except for the first few … Continue reading



Create Swap Partition Ubuntu

To check if there are any SWAP files configured run the following command: sudo swapon -s It will list all swaps if any. Ensure there is enough space on the root partition to create the swap: df -h Create the … Continue reading



fstab Options

A quick note on fstab mount options from How-To-Geek auto/noauto: Specify whether the partition should be automatically mounted on boot. You can block specific partitions from mounting at boot-up by using “noauto”. exec/noexec: Specifies whether the partition can execute binaries. … Continue reading



Replace /dev/xxx With UUID

Overview My recent (re)build of my old Intel Pentium 4 system to run in my Linux system has a slight problem with jumping drive points e.g one minute my /home drive on /dev/sdb1 suddent goes to /dev/sda1 after a reboot … Continue reading