Git Submodule v.s Subtree

Overview Incorporating libraries that are separately version controlled but requiring it as a dependency can be done in git but there are different ways of doing it. As an example I have used Git’s submodule and subtree. I started with … Continue reading



Github Over HTTPS

Github defaults to using the default SSH port (22) but it can be reconfigured to use HTTPS port 443. To test this run the following command: ssh -T -p 443 git@ssh.github.com The above -p 443 parameter tells SSH to connect … Continue reading



Checkout Specific Files From Git

Overview From Git 1.7 it is possible to checkout specific files from a repository. The feature in Git is called sparse checkout. How To Create a repository: git init myRepo where myRepo is the directory to create the new repository. … Continue reading



Setting Github Repository

Overview This article will walkthrough setting up a Github repository and using a Ubuntu Desktop environment to perform push and pull requests. Pre-Requisits It is assumed you have an account on Github already at http://github.com. It is also assumed you … Continue reading



energy@home With CurrentCost IAMs

It’s been a while since I’ve done a write up on the energy@home project so I thought I’d write something up. There have been few minor tweaks since the last post including some user contribution especially from systems using multiple … Continue reading