Install Gnome Shell Extensions System Monitor on Ubuntu 18.04

Overview With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS switching back to Gnome as the desktop manager from Unity, it means it can take advantage of Gnomes features that replaced unities such as system monitor in the dock. Minimum Install Open the gnome terminal … Continue reading



VNC/RDP Not Refreshing On Ubuntu

When I use VNC Client to remote desktop onto my Ubuntu 10.04 I got the background and maybe even the Gnome panel but the windows and programs were not appearing on the screen. However my mouse and clipboard was still … Continue reading



Ubuntu No Monitor Defaults To 800×600

Overview I recently moved my Long standing Linux box running Ubuntu 8.04 as a headless server which needs X running because of Mythtv. Once it was in place I remoted into the box running Remote Desktop on Linux and VNC … Continue reading



Starting A Program From Command Line to X

A cool little trick when your logged in at the terminal level with an X windows session running e.g Gnome, KDE, XFCE, etc and want the program to start in X. I would use it to play tricks or open … Continue reading



Numpad not working under Gnome

Recently the numpad stopped working for some reason. I didn’t bother going into it because I didn’t use that much. The num lock was on but there was nothing to suggest the keyboard was broken. Ubuntu Forum to the rescue. … Continue reading



Ubuntu 8.04 Upgrade To Ubuntu 8.10 No Sound

Overview The new version of Ubuntu was released last week on Thursday (29th October 2008) with Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex”. There have been many talks and reviews about the new release and people even think it’s a more stable release … Continue reading