Organising Photos

Overview Dave Bradford has been on it again but this time on file or more specifically photo management. My existing library contains camera shots from film days scanned in to digital shots from things like phones totally 44GB. Organisation of … Continue reading



Energy@Home 0.6.5 Released

This new release didn’t go as smoothly as planned and I had aimed to get 0.7 out the door but felt this release did not deserve the minor versioning increment so I thought I’d explain in this post. I had … Continue reading



Ubuntu 10.04 Firewall (UFW) Basics

Overview UFW or Uncomplicated FireWall is a basic software solution for protecting against network intrusions. It’s basic in the form that it’s a wrapper around the more powerful and complex iptables and therefore makes some assumptions such as rate limits. … Continue reading



Ubuntu LVM2 – Smart Storage

Overview There are plenty of exceptions where hardware and software abstractions are used to create modular and flexible designs in a modern OS. Examples can be seen from Microsoft’s .Net Framework to Virtualization. Logical Volume Management or LVM is no … Continue reading



Samba GUI Config

I found a handy little tool that allows users to configure Samba without going through the command line. To install on Ubuntu type the following: sudo apt-get install system-config-samba The app can be access in System > Administration > Samba … Continue reading



Windows 7 64 Bit Release Candidate Experience

Overview I heard good reviews about Windows 7 and with the nature of the Internet there was no way of avoiding the news coming out about it. I was on Windows Vista Ultimate for over a year and started to … Continue reading