Jaybird BlueBuds X Mini Review

Overview I wanted a pair of wireless earphones so that my daily commute wouldn’t have me worried about the cable to going to my phone and restrict the use of my phone. It should have wireless controls to reduce screen … Continue reading



Disable Beats Notification In HTC Sense 4

Go to Settings > Apps > All (tab) and look for a program called HtcBeatsNotify and select the Disable button on near the top right. A confirmation dialog box will appear. Click OK button to confirm.



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My first Android



Home Screen Constantly Loading On HTC

I have been playing around with some of the development settings on the HTC One X and after selecting one of them after closing an app and going back to the home screen always shows a loading dialogue box and … Continue reading



HTC One X Stuck Update Screen

Updating the HTC One X over the air to 1.28.401.9 which downloaded, rebooted and installed fine but after a second restart the phone was stuck on the update screen with no progress bar or anything. The only thing on the … Continue reading



HTC One X Mini Review

Overview It’s been almost 2 years with my HTC Desire so it was time to update my handset. The Desire was my first Android phone after owning an iPhone 3G. I have had the phone for just over a week … Continue reading



WiTopia VPN Abroad

Overview I recently went abroad to Cyprus and got a chance to try using a VPN service “on the road”. I had my Android and Linux devices with mixed results. Please continue reading to find out more. Ubuntu 11.04 I … Continue reading



Chumby Classic Mini Review

I remember seeing this gadget some time ago and thought it was a good idea but it was expensive and not available in the UK at the time. The availability changed but the price remained more or less the same. … Continue reading