Raspberry Pi Replace Home Server

Overview With the popularity of Raspberry Pi I wanted to investigate if it was possible to replace my 24×7 Linux server running at home. Whilst one Raspberry Pi will not replace a desktop computer, it may be possible to use … Continue reading



USB Not Booting At Startup

Intel’s newer chipssets, like Intel HM75 are now including fastboot as a feature which allows the system to bypass some of the POST checks to speed up start up times. One of the issues with this is it also bypasses … Continue reading



SATA And SATA 3 Speed Difference

A very quick test on a new SATA 3 labelled cable and a generic SATA labelled cable revealed interesting results. I used the same drive on the same SATA 3 port on the flawed Marvell powered X58 Intel chipset. The … Continue reading



Samsung Series 9 (Jun 2012) Mini Review

Overview I was on the market for a new laptop with my aging 15″ Santa Rosa MacBook Pro (MBP). With Intel finally driving the Ultrabook to compete with the MacBook Air(MBA) I was sure my next computer would one. Limitations … Continue reading



Acer Aspire One D255E Mini Review

Overview Our Asus EEE PC 701 SSD failed when I tried to upgrade it from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04. I was in the middle of an install when it failed to copy a file and then there after it could … Continue reading