Amazon iPhone App

Amazon released an app for the iPhone a long time ago and I was meant to write about it but forgot. The Amazon app allows users to search and buy items from their phone. It requires the 1 click payment … Continue reading



Free VPN For The iPhone

Whilst I was away I was aware of the dangers of using open and free access points. Even using an unfamiliar network say at your friend or family’s house. I discovered HotSpotShield which provides a free VPN service for the … Continue reading



WPtouch WordPress Plugin

I have enabled the WPtouch plugin for WordPress. This changes the theme when an iPhone or iPod Touch goes onto this site it compacts it into a smaller and better presented view. Whilst both devices do support full view (there … Continue reading



NewsGator RSS

Overview Whilst I’m not new to RSS/ATOM I have only recently started using an RSS Reader/Aggregator/Catcher/what ever you want to call them. RSS is one of the latest developments to use XML standards to deliver content using a subscription model. … Continue reading



Griffin PowerJolt

Overview I wanted a car charger for my iPhone 3G because it just needs juice more or less everyday to ensure it has power to last me the day. I had a car cigarette lighter extension which had a USB … Continue reading



Apple iPhone 3G Dock

Overview This is the first dock I bought for my phone. It has the Apple X factor with it’s sleek and minimalistic design. Also I thought getting a dock would let me connect the iPhone to the computer easily and … Continue reading