Install Latest Maven On Ubuntu 14.04

Overview It’s well known that Ubuntu ships and keeps the same main branch of software that was shipped with the version on Ubuntu at the time. A good example is Ubuntu 14.04 has HAProxy 1.4 even though 1.5 came out … Continue reading



Raspberry Pi Replace Home Server

Overview With the popularity of Raspberry Pi I wanted to investigate if it was possible to replace my 24×7 Linux server running at home. Whilst one Raspberry Pi will not replace a desktop computer, it may be possible to use … Continue reading



Run Vuze / Azureus On 64bit Java

Go to SWT Eclipse project website and download the Linux (x86_64/GTK 2) version. At the time. SWY was at version 3.7.2 and the downloaded file was swt-3.7.2-gtk-linux-x86_64.zip. Make a temporary folder to unzip the files to: mkdir ~/swt Unzip the … Continue reading



Decrypting Minecraft Password

If you want to retrieve a forgotten password in Minecraft you can use some simple Java to decrypt the “lastlogin” file if the username and password from the last session was saved. I do not condone the act of stealing … Continue reading



Java 4-Ever

This was such a funny video I had to post it.



Facebook Picture Upload Crashes Or Errors On FireFox

Recently tried to upload pictures to Facebook using Firefox only to find it crashed on me the first time and errored on the second. I thought this was odd considering it uses a Java Applet which should be compatible with … Continue reading