Install Node / NPM On Ubuntu 14.04

Overview Node is fairly new and is constantly improving. With Ubuntu LTS, the repository versions tend to stay the same version and only changing for patches. This doesn’t help with fast changing software like node.js so a manual install gets … Continue reading



(Web) Filemanager

Overview I’m currently on a lookout for a simple file browser which has a web interface to managing files. This kind of software seems fairly niche and therefore not a lot of supported solutions are out there. It should have … Continue reading



IBM BPM Introspection

Overview Many programming languages allow introspection to examine objects at runtime. Even Javascript has this ability but IBM BPM does not have this built in. To workaround this limitation a service can be built with an input type of ANY … Continue reading



Recording CurrentCost Data & Viewing It On The Web

Overview I have (finally) got my project to a working stage so I thought I’d write a bit about it. After buying a CurrentCost CC128 device I was not happy with the software on the Internet for extracting the data. … Continue reading