Install Latest Ruby On Ubuntu

Go to https://gorails.com/ and go to the setup section. The site has step by step to install a Ruby environment.



Create Swap Partition Ubuntu

To check if there are any SWAP files configured run the following command: sudo swapon -s It will list all swaps if any. Ensure there is enough space on the root partition to create the swap: df -h Create the … Continue reading



Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions On Ubuntu Server 12.04

Overview Trying to install the VirtualBox guest additions in a non desktop system I encounter errors. Luckily the solution wasn’t too difficult to fix. Install Use the Virtualbox menu to install the guest additions CD image Mount the Guest Additions … Continue reading



motion – Motion Detection Software On Ubuntu

Overview I had tried (and failed) before to setup a motion detection camera using Linux (Ubuntu) and a USB webcam. The 2 most popular choices seemed to be zoneminder or motion. Install sudo apt-get install motion To test motion use … Continue reading



Persistent SSH Tunnel

Overview An tunnel is a way of providing a connection for which other connections can be made without revealing what they are. An SSH tunnel is using the SSH protocol to create such connection. One of the main benefit to … Continue reading



Run Dropbox On Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Overview I wanted to set up Dropbox on a headless server so I can access files sync’d rom Dropbox as well as having an online backup of the files away from Dropbox itself. Install Download and extract the zip file: … Continue reading



Backup & Restore EXT To Smaller Drive

Overview Linux provides great tools for doing this albeit not in a very user friendly way. As usually it is best to backup before trying this and make sure the space used fits onto the new drive. This method can … Continue reading



useradd: user already exists

Adding a user to an existing group may give an error: useradd: user ‘name’ already exists where name is the username. An example of this command should look similar to sudo useradd -G sambashare danny where sambashare is the group … Continue reading