WiTopia VPN Service Review

I have always wanted to get a VPN server running at home so that I can tunnel back into the network remotely and also to protect myself on public hot spots. The former was more complicated than I thought and … Continue reading



July 2007 MacBook Pro Battery

My notebook is over 3 years old and it’s holding up to the test of time fairly well with the exception of the battery. I have taken a screenshot from CoconutBattery to illustrate my point: It holds such a small … Continue reading



O2 Home Broadband & O2 Wireless Box II

Overview I have signed up with O2 Home Broadband. It was very cheap as I am an existing O2 customer. Like most broadband companies they offer an “up to” speed of a certain amount and a free router. Ordering To … Continue reading



Ubuntu 8.04 Upgrade To Ubuntu 8.10 No Sound

Overview The new version of Ubuntu was released last week on Thursday (29th October 2008) with Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex”. There have been many talks and reviews about the new release and people even think it’s a more stable release … Continue reading



Firefox 3 Beta 1

I will be nuking my boot camp partition because 15GB is not big enough on my MacBook Pro. I decided to try the new beta version of my favorite web browser, Firefox and it seems pretty stable so far. I … Continue reading