MediaTomb Samsung TV On Ubuntu

Overview MediaTomb uPnP / DLNA server works out the box for standard media servers but required some configuration tweaks to enable playback on PlayStation 3. Whilst the changes were done manually in an XML file, the changes were simple and … Continue reading



Full Disk – MediaTomb Hog

For some reason MediaTomb was out putting a lot of log statements in /var/log/mediatomb.log. I tailed the file and only got what looked like time stamped entries of normal scanning information as I have timed re-scans. The file managed to … Continue reading



MediaTomb DLNA To Playstation 3

Overview I found the Video plugin for MythTV 0.21 to be inadequate for streaming to the Sony Playstation 3. It didn’t update fast enough when you dropped a video into the UPnP directory and also there was no external way … Continue reading