Window Layout Manager On Windows 10: WinDock

Overview The debate of 2 (smaller) monitors v.s a single larger monitor has been one that I base on preference and working style. I recently switched from 2×22″ monitors to a 27″ and a 15″ laptop monitor due to lack … Continue reading



Synergy (Project) Windows To Windows

Overview It’s been a while since I have used a “stable” software which almost made me tear my hair out! As good as the concept of Synergy is the execution could have been better. All credit to the software and … Continue reading



Monitor Calibration Software

Check out Flat Panel HD‘s website and go to the “Test software” category to get colour patterns to calibrate your monitor. I found the patterns to be OK but you need Flash for the downloadable and interactive versions.



Windows 7 Monitor Calibration

Windows 7 has a built in monitor calibration tool which isn’t too bad. Sadly it only calibrates one monitor in a dual monitor set up. To start the utility go to Start Menu and type dccw and walk through the … Continue reading



Ubuntu No Monitor Defaults To 800×600

Overview I recently moved my Long standing Linux box running Ubuntu 8.04 as a headless server which needs X running because of Mythtv. Once it was in place I remoted into the box running Remote Desktop on Linux and VNC … Continue reading



Energy@Home Released On Google Code

I have formally uploaded and started using Google Code to host my energy monitor I’m using / developing. It has been released under the GPL license so feel free to take a look at my messy code and leave some … Continue reading