Migration Plan From Ubuntu 10.04 LTS To 12.04 LTS

Overview I’m preparing myself to move from 10.04 to 12.04. With 12.04 as the next Long Term Release (LTS) coming in the next release I thought it was time to prepare for the inevitable move from old to new. Setup … Continue reading



MediaTomb DLNA To Playstation 3

Overview I found the Video plugin for MythTV 0.21 to be inadequate for streaming to the Sony Playstation 3. It didn’t update fast enough when you dropped a video into the UPnP directory and also there was no external way … Continue reading



Unable to access MythTV Perl API. Try with –verbose to find out why.

I have been getting the error message Unable to access MythTV Perl API. Try with –verbose to find out why. on MythTv running on Ubuntu 8.04. It wasn’t bothering me too much because the TV guide was still being updated. … Continue reading



Ubuntu No Monitor Defaults To 800×600

Overview I recently moved my Long standing Linux box running Ubuntu 8.04 as a headless server which needs X running because of Mythtv. Once it was in place I remoted into the box running Remote Desktop on Linux and VNC … Continue reading



Hauppauge WinTV Nova TD-500 On MythTV

Overview I was scouting for a new TV capture / tuner card for MythTV ever since I moved out and got MythTV running using the roof antenna. The PCI-E stuff is nice but not mature enough in Linux. From my … Continue reading



XMLTV Error 6400 And XMLTV Error 2304

My MythTV had a problem with the getting the T.V schedule (guide) and all the channels just displayed “No Data”. I ran mythfilldatabase manually and it reported Error 6400. I shutdown Myth Backend and started it back up and ran … Continue reading



MythWeb Preview

I have yet again set up MythTV on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. It wasn’t as easy or running as well as my previous install on the same machine but with and older version of Ubuntu. Now that I have moved … Continue reading



Considering Server Replacement

I am starting to see problems with my old, long running server. It gets bogged down very easily. I am considering 2 options: 1. Buy / get a new computer 2. Rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) 3. Amazon Web … Continue reading