Setting Up nVidia Jetson Nano In Headless Mode With Windows 10

Overview There are a few instructions online to setup the nVidia Jetson Nano using Linux/FreeBSD based OS so I found a way to do it from Windows. Pre-Requisites Besides the hardware described here, you’ll need a terminal to access the … Continue reading



Raspberry Pi Replace Home Server

Overview With the popularity of Raspberry Pi I wanted to investigate if it was possible to replace my 24×7 Linux server running at home. Whilst one Raspberry Pi will not replace a desktop computer, it may be possible to use … Continue reading



Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook (2012) Mini Review

Overview I was given a budget and allowed to choose my work laptop. This was one of the best work ethic I have come across because it allows me to choose what is suitable and would like to use rather … Continue reading



Ubuntu Sticky Edges

Overview I had setup Ubuntu 12.04 on a laptop which was connected to a docking station with dual monitor setup. After installing the nVidia drivers and setting up the screens I found that the mouse would lag when crossing between … Continue reading



HTC One X Mini Review

Overview It’s been almost 2 years with my HTC Desire so it was time to update my handset. The Desire was my first Android phone after owning an iPhone 3G. I have had the phone for just over a week … Continue reading



Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Mini Review

Overview I picked up a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 which fulfills a want since these beautiful devices have come out. I hope this will replace the netbook that is the current travel companion which was a Acer Aspire One … Continue reading



Asus P5N32 SLI-Deluxe 4GB RAM

I upgraded my RAM from 2GB (4x512mb) to 4GB (2x2GB). It worked flawlessly and I turned on “Memory Remap” because I was using Windows 7 64 bit. The only issue I had was the water cooling pipes got in the … Continue reading



nVidia Geforce 6600, 7850GT, 8800GT

A quick post of the different cards and what they look like.