Cannot Remove Healthy (Recovery Partition)

Overview Windows Disk Management tool does not allow recovery partitions to be removed so the command line route is the built in option to do this. Delete partition Open a command prompt as administrator. For example: typing cmd in the … Continue reading



fstab Options

A quick note on fstab mount options from How-To-Geek auto/noauto: Specify whether the partition should be automatically mounted on boot. You can block specific partitions from mounting at boot-up by using “noauto”. exec/noexec: Specifies whether the partition can execute binaries. … Continue reading



Separate User & Windows Directory On Different Drives

Overview I wanted to have the Windows partition and the user partition on separate drives. I have done this in the past on a Linux computer and it was very painless. The advantage to this setup is that most of … Continue reading



Replace /dev/xxx With UUID

Overview My recent (re)build of my old Intel Pentium 4 system to run in my Linux system has a slight problem with jumping drive points e.g one minute my /home drive on /dev/sdb1 suddent goes to /dev/sda1 after a reboot … Continue reading