Securing HAProxy Headers

Overview https://securityheaders.io will give a score of how well placed the HTTP headers are on a site ranging from A+ to F (not sure what the R rating is for). Headers are a powerful meta (invisible to the naked eye) … Continue reading



Ubuntu 16.04 Migration Update

A quick update to my migration process. I had all the servers running 16.04 and it was OK except for the stability. Setting up and moving things were simple enough. I did encounter issues with my symlinked .bashrc which I … Continue reading



Dockerising WordPress

Overview Container software has really picked up in popularity in part thanks to Docker and the concept is great. So much so I wanted to try it on my blog. Topology My setup consisted of a single instance on DigitalOcean … Continue reading



Install Sonar 3.5.1 With MySQL On Tomcat 7 Running Ubuntu 13.04

Overview This post assumes MySQL is already installed. Create an empty schema for Sonar and a user with create, update, index, and delete like privileges. Tomcat 7 sudo apt-get install tomcat7 Java sudo apt-get install default-jdk Sonar Download and extract … Continue reading



(Web) Filemanager

Overview I’m currently on a lookout for a simple file browser which has a web interface to managing files. This kind of software seems fairly niche and therefore not a lot of supported solutions are out there. It should have … Continue reading



Blank WordPress Homepage (index.php)

I’ve recently done a WordPress fresh install and found the front page on the site was not loading. There were no errors on the web server nor the blank page it loaded. It turned out it was the theme was … Continue reading



IaaS Or VPS Part 1 – Analysis And Intent

Overview With the proliferation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) does it make sense to use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or even shared / dedicated hardware? Prices for IaaS have been decreasing with competition and VPS industry hasn’t really moved … Continue reading



WordPress Twitter Tools Shows Blank Page On Connect

Overview I use the Twitter Tools plugin on WordPress to tweet my blog posts as well as showing my Tweets in my side bar. The recent change to oAuth and disabling basic authentication by Twitter has made the process slightly … Continue reading