Windows 10 Waking From Sleep

Overview Since switching to Windows 10 I have been seeing the computer being woken up from sleep from random events here are some of the things I looked at to solve the wake up issue. Setup Set the computer to … Continue reading



Raspberry Pi Replace Home Server

Overview With the popularity of Raspberry Pi I wanted to investigate if it was possible to replace my 24×7 Linux server running at home. Whilst one Raspberry Pi will not replace a desktop computer, it may be possible to use … Continue reading



Error: You Are Using A High Performance Setting

I ran the Windows 7 “Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report” tool to see what can be done to reduce power consumption but it reports that using the performance power setting as an Error? Surely it should be a warning or not … Continue reading



Graph Annotation And Settings Features

Mark’s use of energy@home highlights a need for annotation function but before getting to that stage I want to customize the way historical data is retrieved. Currently it only shows pre-set number of settings but I face a UI challenge … Continue reading



Windows 7 Monitor Power Test

There is a report generator in Microsoft Windows 7 which can help you track down what is being used in terms of power. The report tells you what is stopping the computer going into sleep mode (if sleep mode is … Continue reading