Let’s Encrypt With HaProxy

Overview Using EFF’s goal to encrypt the Internet has spawned a project to issue TLS certificates is a great idea and opens up certificates for everyone and not just for those with money. To balance certificates being miss used, EFF … Continue reading



Securing HAProxy Headers

Overview https://securityheaders.io will give a score of how well placed the HTTP headers are on a site ranging from A+ to F (not sure what the R rating is for). Headers are a powerful meta (invisible to the naked eye) … Continue reading



Upgrading HAProxy On Ubuntu

Overview Following my earlier post using Vbernat’s PPA to install the latest Haproxy on Ubuntu, there have been several minor versions since the original post. The steps below will show you how to upgrade to any version offered by Vbernat’s … Continue reading



Install HA Proxy 1.5 On Ubuntu

Overview Apache’s HAProxy is a proxy software but it can also load balance between servers. The significance of version 1.5 is it’s ability to handle SSL connections where as before you needed to off load the connection to a different … Continue reading



Ubuntu 12.04 DHCP Server

Overview A DHCP server issues computers on the network IP addresses. Normally this is done by the router but a computer is more flexible because: Cheap to add multiple network interface cards More control over network traffic Fits into other … Continue reading



Bypass Blocked Websites Using SSH Proxy

Overview SSH tunnels are very useful for all sorts of things. One of these uses include proxy. If you have SSH access you can set one up very quickly. I do not condone any misuses of any I.T equipment, software … Continue reading



Great Wall Of UK

It looks like I signed up to the wrong ISP. I do not agree at all with what they are doing but yet to have faced the issue of the ISP wide proxy (fingers crossed it won’t happen). An article … Continue reading