Managing Servers On The Go With Android

Overview Since the ye ol’ days I have been self hosting one thing or another at first from a repurposed family computer to now using cloud infrastructure like Linode and Digital Ocean. I’m not a sys admin by day (and … Continue reading



Brute Force Protection On Ubuntu 12.04

Overview Protection from spammers and slowing down brute force attacks should always be used especially with cheap VPS / cloud computing as well as the botnets. Whilst there are no 100% way of preventing the issue there are software to … Continue reading



Setting Github Repository

Overview This article will walkthrough setting up a Github repository and using a Ubuntu Desktop environment to perform push and pull requests. Pre-Requisits It is assumed you have an account on Github already at http://github.com. It is also assumed you … Continue reading



Persistent SSH Tunnel

Overview An tunnel is a way of providing a connection for which other connections can be made without revealing what they are. An SSH tunnel is using the SSH protocol to create such connection. One of the main benefit to … Continue reading