Install Android ADB In Windows 7

Overview Android SDK has a powerful too called Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for debugging application development. The tool is a shell for accessing device internal storage which allows users to upload and download files, access embedded database, install .apk programs, … Continue reading



Bash Reverse Search

A cool little tip when using Bash shell is the reverse search in the shell history. If your looking for a previous command hit the key combo [ctrl + r] and the prompt changes to (reverse-i-search) Type in the command … Continue reading



Check GUI Program Is Running In Linux

Overview I have create a bash script to: Check if the program’s process is running If so just quit the script If not start up the program Using this script and crontab it allows the script to be ran every … Continue reading



My Performance Tweaks To Ubuntu

Now that I have a “spare” Linux box I thought I’d try and improve the speed on the box. If it goes kaput I learn and re-install. So here are the ones I found that worked: hdparm This is the … Continue reading



Linux Terminal Not Auto-completing

in the terminal is one of the most useful features in command line. Both DOS and Linux support autocomplete with the key . This is when you type part of the command or file name and press tab to complete … Continue reading



Setting Default Linux Shell

My new user I created did not have any shell when I logged in. To set up a shell you need to know where the shell resides with this command: $ which bash where bash is the shell name. Replace … Continue reading