Use log4j As Tomcat 7 Logger

Log4j is a common logging framework used within applications. The logging library can also replace the default logging in the following steps: Stop Tomcat server (if running) Download log4j library from their website Extract and copy the jar file to … Continue reading



Enable Remote Debugging From Tomcat 7 In Windows

Overview Tomcat Configuration Ensure Tomcat is not running before making any changes. Add the following in the first free line that’s not commented out to the file tomcat\bin\startup.bat: set JPDA_ADDRESS=8000 set JPDA_TRANSPORT=dt_socket For example from: rem $Id: startup.bat 895392 2010-01-03 … Continue reading



Tomcat 7 Server Error 404 From Eclipse

Although the server states it has started (albeit with errors in the console) when you browser to localhost:8080 to get to the Tomcat welcome page it shows an “HTTP Status 404 – /” with the description “The requested resource (/) … Continue reading