Server Upgrade

The server upgrade failed miserably but it is now more or less up and running bar a few bits here and there. The site is likely to be up and down whilst I clean up the left over from the … Continue reading



Page Speed Tests

Overview Since April 2010, Google has incorporated page speed and loading times into it’s search ranking. Whilst this may not be a huge factor in the rankings it’s something to be aware of. This means optimizing web sites has never … Continue reading



Identi.ca On TweetDeck

It is very easy to check your timeline on Identica with TweetDeck. To add an Identi.ca account, go to the settings (spanner icon in the top right corner) and Accounts. Click on the Add New Account button. The bottom half … Continue reading



Website Optimizing Tools

Page load times are being taken into Google’s search result so it’s more important than ever to get your pages/site to load as quickly as possible in an efficient manner. This also benefits users and especially mobile browsers. Here are … Continue reading



energy@home 0.5 Released

I’m excited to say a new release of energy@home have been released! The new version includes: Offline data storage – If it was unable to save the data to the database it will save it file and later re-insert the … Continue reading



WordPress Twitter Tools Shows Blank Page On Connect

Overview I use the Twitter Tools plugin on WordPress to tweet my blog posts as well as showing my Tweets in my side bar. The recent change to oAuth and disabling basic authentication by Twitter has made the process slightly … Continue reading



HTC Desire Mini Review

Overview I have finally made the jump from the iPhone to an Android OS phone. Whilst the OS 4.0 from Apple preview event looked good, there was no sign or mention that they will change the App store and it’s … Continue reading



energy@home 0.4

I have just published version 0.4 of energy@home. It includes Twitter integration and a new graph which shows how much energy was used for each hour of the day. energy@home project page