FreePBX ARI Framework Disabled

I upgraded to FreePBX 12 and had the following disabled moduled: amportal a ma delete fw_ari -f amportal a ma download fw_ari -f amportal a ma install fw_ari -f Running the above in sequence then going back to the web … Continue reading



Automatic WordPress Upgrade To 2.7.1

My blog is running 2.7.1 but this was a special upgrade for me. I used the automatic button instead of doing it manually. I had never trusted the automatic process as I have heard horror stories of broken WordPress websites. … Continue reading



WordPress 2.7 – Big UI Changes

Summary I have successfully upgraded to WordPress 2.7. Quick Overview It may not look like it from the front page but from my Admin side they have re-worked a lot. The forms look a lot more stylish and Web 2.0. … Continue reading



WordPress 2.5.6 Upgrade

I did another successful upgrade to the WordPress engine on this site.



Ubuntu 8.04 Upgrade To Ubuntu 8.10 No Sound

Overview The new version of Ubuntu was released last week on Thursday (29th October 2008) with Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex”. There have been many talks and reviews about the new release and people even think it’s a more stable release … Continue reading



WordPress 2.6.3 Upgrade

Just upgraded the WordPress engine to the latest release. I found this upgrade to be harder than other times because I am not on my main computer and nor am I on the local network where my server is located. … Continue reading