Everyday Carry – Work 2018

Overview This details the Core layer of my EDC as per the model defined in my previous post. This builds on top of the core layer but I have not integrated the work carry with the extended layer. Work Carry … Continue reading



Communal USB Charge Point

Overview I’m an Android user and have converted everyone in the house hold to be the same. As a convenience thing I decided to use one of the spare wall socket to USB plugs and put a micro USB cable … Continue reading



Jaybird BlueBuds X Mini Review

Overview I wanted a pair of wireless earphones so that my daily commute wouldn’t have me worried about the cable to going to my phone and restrict the use of my phone. It should have wireless controls to reduce screen … Continue reading



motion – Motion Detection Software On Ubuntu

Overview I had tried (and failed) before to setup a motion detection camera using Linux (Ubuntu) and a USB webcam. The 2 most popular choices seemed to be zoneminder or motion. Install sudo apt-get install motion To test motion use … Continue reading



Continuous Local Backup

Overview Currently I have off site backup which occur usually on a monthly basis but had no solution for a daily or even weekly backup. Concept The idea of a daily or weekly backup was not new. It allowed for … Continue reading



Logitech G700s Mini Review

Overview I have been using a Logitech MX Revolution mouse (mice?) for the last 4 years and it has served me well. It had great laser tracking performance, fast wireless transmitter and excellent battery life. A problem that has developed … Continue reading



USB Not Booting At Startup

Intel’s newer chipssets, like Intel HM75 are now including fastboot as a feature which allows the system to bypass some of the POST checks to speed up start up times. One of the issues with this is it also bypasses … Continue reading



Samsung Series 9 (Jun 2012) Mini Review

Overview I was on the market for a new laptop with my aging 15″ Santa Rosa MacBook Pro (MBP). With Intel finally driving the Ultrabook to compete with the MacBook Air(MBA) I was sure my next computer would one. Limitations … Continue reading