Windows 7 64 Bit Release Candidate Experience

Overview I heard good reviews about Windows 7 and with the nature of the Internet there was no way of avoiding the news coming out about it. I was on Windows Vista Ultimate for over a year and started to … Continue reading



Back To Windows Vista

I have been away from my main computer for a while and coming back to it and it feels so slow (not to mention the broadband but that’s not my fault)! I can only point the finger on Windows Vista … Continue reading



Microsoft Word Crashing Frequently

I discovered a serious problem with Microsoft Word 2007 and potentially other Microsoft Office applications where if a networked printer is offline and is set as the default printer in Vista and XP would cause the following symptoms: Long opening … Continue reading



Crusade To Find A Desktop Calendar

Overview I have been looking for a desktop calendar application for some time now. The one that has worked for me was Lightning, a Mozilla Thunderbird addon which is also a standalone application called Mozilla Sunbird. I have wanted to … Continue reading