Foscam FI9821W V2 Mini Review

Overview I had recently acquired a Foscam FI9821W V2 which is a wireless IP camera. I have been looking for one of these for a while because they are wireless and have a good wide angle view including low light … Continue reading



motion – Motion Detection Software On Ubuntu

Overview I had tried (and failed) before to setup a motion detection camera using Linux (Ubuntu) and a USB webcam. The 2 most popular choices seemed to be zoneminder or motion. Install sudo apt-get install motion To test motion use … Continue reading



Dorgem Open Source Montion Capture Software

I found this light weight and free software called Dorgem. It’s not very easy to set up because of the GUI but with instructions on SimpleHelp.net on the article “How to use your PC and Webcam as a motion-detecting and … Continue reading