Off-Site Data Backup Part 1

Overview So many things are stored digitally nowadays from messages to photos but how many of them are irreplaceable? I fear for losing my data from past experience but even more so now that I have a child. Thankfully my … Continue reading



WD Black 2009 V.S WD Black 2013

A quick post to show the difference between 2 Western Digital Caviar Black drives with about 3-4 years and twice the capacity. The non-scientific results show only minor improvements on the read and random write. The read improvement is probably … Continue reading



Performance Between Hard Drives

I was amazed by some very basic tests how 2 hard drives (Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB) of the same model can have such a difference in performance. The two drives I had were purchased at difference times but it … Continue reading



Western Digital Essentials 500GB Portable Drive

I was shocked when I plugged the drive into my Windows 7 machine when 2 dialogues appear asking me what I want to e.g Open the folder, run the start up program… But why was there 2!? A quick look … Continue reading