Organising Photos

Overview Dave Bradford has been on it again but this time on file or more specifically photo management. My existing library contains camera shots from film days scanned in to digital shots from things like phones totally 44GB. Organisation of … Continue reading



Asus AI Suite Constant FTP

I recently have been hub’ing it out to see what traffic was going through the network and found a startling discovery. Currently it’s setup between the router and modem so it is capturing all traffic going to and from the … Continue reading



Enable Remote Debugging From Tomcat 7 In Windows

Overview Tomcat Configuration Ensure Tomcat is not running before making any changes. Add the following in the first free line that’s not commented out to the file tomcat\bin\startup.bat: set JPDA_ADDRESS=8000 set JPDA_TRANSPORT=dt_socket For example from: rem $Id: startup.bat 895392 2010-01-03 … Continue reading



Samsung 830 SSD (512GB)

Overview My Windows system stopped booting up for some odd reason but luckily it only affect my OS drive. As I had to reinstall Windows I thought now would be a good time to get an SSD to save cloning … Continue reading



Removing Samsung Series 9 Recovery Partition

There is potentially 24GB that can be freed for normal use. The recovery partition is protected so it cannot be deleted through Windows Disk Management. Before continuing make sure a disk backup is taken. It is advised to clone it … Continue reading



Convert PEM To PPK On Windows

Download PuTTYGen Run PuTTYGen. Go to Conversions > Import key menu Select the PEM file Change the Key comment field to something descriptive. Add a passphase (optional). Press Save private key and save the file to a suitable location. Connecting … Continue reading



Install Android ADB In Windows 7

Overview Android SDK has a powerful too called Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for debugging application development. The tool is a shell for accessing device internal storage which allows users to upload and download files, access embedded database, install .apk programs, … Continue reading



Windows Explorer Not Refreshing

After a crash I encountered an issue where Windows Explorer would not automatically refresh in Microsoft Windows 7. For example downloading a file using a web browser to the Desktop the file doesn’t appear until you Right click > Refresh. … Continue reading