MediaTomb Samsung TV On Ubuntu

Overview MediaTomb uPnP / DLNA server works out the box for standard media servers but required some configuration tweaks to enable playback on PlayStation 3. Whilst the changes were done manually in an XML file, the changes were simple and … Continue reading



IBM BPM Introspection

Overview Many programming languages allow introspection to examine objects at runtime. Even Javascript has this ability but IBM BPM does not have this built in. To workaround this limitation a service can be built with an input type of ANY … Continue reading



Energy@Home 0.7 Released

This new release with the main focus on multichannel support. There were a lot of paint along the way most noticeable performance issues. The multichannel support allows for 2 or 3 phase CT clamp compatibility. Channels are different from appliances. … Continue reading



MediaTomb DLNA To Playstation 3

Overview I found the Video plugin for MythTV 0.21 to be inadequate for streaming to the Sony Playstation 3. It didn’t update fast enough when you dropped a video into the UPnP directory and also there was no external way … Continue reading



Unable to access MythTV Perl API. Try with –verbose to find out why.

I have been getting the error message Unable to access MythTV Perl API. Try with –verbose to find out why. on MythTv running on Ubuntu 8.04. It wasn’t bothering me too much because the TV guide was still being updated. … Continue reading



Recording CurrentCost Data & Viewing It On The Web

Overview I have (finally) got my project to a working stage so I thought I’d write a bit about it. After buying a CurrentCost CC128 device I was not happy with the software on the Internet for extracting the data. … Continue reading



NewsGator RSS

Overview Whilst I’m not new to RSS/ATOM I have only recently started using an RSS Reader/Aggregator/Catcher/what ever you want to call them. RSS is one of the latest developments to use XML standards to deliver content using a subscription model. … Continue reading