Tesco’s 15W Mini Spiral Mini Review


I recently got a cheap lamp which was falling apart but it still worked. We needed one for the flat because the living room was on the North? side of the building and therefore didn’t get a lot of direct sun through the window. This means the light was switched on a lot earlier than a room with direct sunlight. The lamp had a rating of 100 watts max and used the screw cap type.

The Purchase

Tesco was having a buy one get one free on Tesco’s branded bulbs so it was a no brainer to get them. I had no idea what they will be like but aimed to get the highest “similar to” rated bulb which happened to be 75W.


I have always been sceptical about energy saving bulbs because they take a while to warm up and do not give off as bright a light as the traditional candescent bulbs however that was a long time ago when my mum tried to switch the room with the computers in with an energy efficient bulb.

Once we got in, we tried the lamp out and it was bright! Not only did it light up the room enough it still had a warm up period which made it even brighter. I am very impressed with the lux of the bulb and whilst I can not review the estimated 8 years life of the bulb I am pleased with the results so far.

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