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I had setup Ubuntu 12.04 on a laptop which was connected to a docking station with dual monitor setup. After installing the nVidia drivers and setting up the screens I found that the mouse would lag when crossing between the two screens. It would require more mouse movement to force it to the other screen. This was very annoying!

The purpose of sticky edges is to allow applications to dock to the edge where the two monitors met. By holding the mouse at the edge it gives the user enough time to dock or to keep forcing the mouse beyond the point of resistence to get to the other screen.

Sticky Edges

To disable this feature go to System settings > Displays and slide it to Off. Apply the settings after. I found without restarting the computer there was still a slight residue of sticky edges.


Interesting concept and nice way to working around docking to the edge where the two monitors meet but I am not a fan.

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2 Responses to Ubuntu Sticky Edges

  1. Michael Endsley says:

    Just wanted to note that I’ve noticed this too; however, there must be a sensitivity setting somewhere, because if you move the mouse quickly, it will not hang on the edge of the screen before moving over to the other workspace. It will only do so if it is being moved slowly over (so you can drag windows into the sticky edge). Maybe this sensitivity can be lowered so that you have to move at a slower-than-normal speed in order to stick windows to that edge. After learning about this, I’ve become habitually quick when it comes to moving my mouse to the opposite workspace.

    • Danny says:

      I believe there is a sensitivity settings but as far as I know you have to install compiz settings panel and manually set the values.

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