Upgrading Samsung Series 9 SSD


I have been using the 128GB SanDisk SSD that came in the Samsung Series 9 NP900 X3C A02UK. The SSD is the achilles heel in an otherwise well packaged laptop. Not for the lack of space but the bottle neck when the drive is busy. When this happens, the system freezes whilst the drive queue is working. Whilst the system was not designed to replace the hard drive, it isn’t very hard to do so.


Apart from the laptop itself the following tools required:

The screwdriver is very important to get the correct size or you can damage the heads very easily. Also depending on the backup / restore solution an external hard drive, USB memory stick or external disc drive might be required.


As usual it is advisable to take a backup before starting. The new drive will be empty and therefore will require a reinstall of the OS or restoring from a previous backup.

I chose to use CloneZilla, take an image and store it on an external USB drive and restore it once the install was complete. Backup goes beyond the scope of this post.


Take a backup of the system.

Shutdown and turn off the system.

Flip the laptop over and there are 10 screws at the bottom which needs to be removed.
Back Screws

Use the SD card slot to pull the back off moving to the front (trackpad end).
Start from SD side towards the front

The rear has tension clips in the hinge. Gently lift the bottom off.
Removing back

Unscrew the 2 screws holding the Sandisk SSD.

Slide the drive out.
Removing SanDisk SSD

Slide the new drive in. The bridge connector may be loosened by light upwards gently to angle and slide in the new drive.
Disconnecting bridge connector

Reverse the above to complete the job by screwing the 2 drive screws, re-connect the bright if necessary. Place the back plate back starting on the hinge side. Screw the screws back in.


All in all it was fairly easy to install. I managed to break one the screw points on the back which is held in by few mm plastic. Looking at the other components, it looks like the wireless card and battery should be fairly easy to replace. The main problem would be sourcing the parts.

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3 Responses to Upgrading Samsung Series 9 SSD

  1. James says:

    Hi Danny where can i get a recovery disk for a newly replaced ssd for the series 9? Currently my old one had died on me and since my samsung is out of warranty the local samsung support refused to assist me. Appreciate any advise from you. thanks.

  2. Danman says:

    Hello Danny,

    Do you know if the SAMSUNG 840 EVO MZ-MTE250BW mSATA 250GB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive from Newegg is compatible with the Samsung series 9 NP900 X4C A01US?

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