Waking Windows 7 Controller Error

It seems there’s an issue with my preferred method of separating home and windows partition on Windows 7. I use the Sleep function a lot rather than shutting it down over night. Most of the time it works but I have never managed to use it for more than a week before errors appear and it requires a reboot to fix things.

What happens is I wake the computer up from sleep which starts up and shows the login screen. After logging in you can hear and eventually see error sounds and messages. Any running programs such as Messenger, Skype, etc that I have running in the background most of the time errors and exits. Then accessing any start menu programs or programs in the start bar shows an error message saying it can’t find the shortcut.

Trying to diagnose the problem I have found that logging off and on again didn’t fix the issue and loaded up a default profile from my first install. Digging deeper into Windows Event logs I found that it’s a hardware or driver issue. Looking in device manager I cannot see the HDD listed and also in Disk Management. The drive is connected to the x58’s 3Gbps SATA ports instead of the Marvell 6Gbps and I was using Asus’s 0603 BIOS for Sabertooth X58 which seems less stable than the 0505 it was shipped with.

Another theory is a problem with the chip / motherboard itself. I hope this is not the case…

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