WiFi Features To Consider


Here a few considerations I think are worth looking into in your next networking setup. I tried to list things that are less commonly known and marketed but makes living the wireless lifestyle easier.

Fast Roaming

The ability to move from one access point to another with minimal disruption. This is defined as 802.11r and it must be supported by the networking equipment as well as the devices using the wireless access points as well. Generally, this is not noticeable even if you’re not using the fast roaming. The time where you will notice this is when you’re on latency sensitive communication such as a call e.g WhatsApp, Skype, etc where if you jumped from one access point to another you may experience significant delays or call drops.

Fast roaming only applies when you have more than one wireless access point.

Band Steering

Band steering is a way for the access point to intelligently identify when a device should swap between the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency and vice-versa depending on the signal. This way, devices do not try to hang onto a connection for too long. You’ll see this when your signal bar goes very low even though you have a good WiFi coverage especially when you’re on the faster but shorter range 5GHz.

Band steering will be applicable to any router or wireless access point with 5GHz capability such as 802.11n, 802.11ac, Wifi 6, etc.

Guest Access / Isolation

Ability to separate your devices from guests are common although not at the forefront of buying a router. By separating devices and data, it will prevent people physically connected snooping on your data or even controlling them. For example Internet of Things (IOT) like smart bulbs, plugs, etc don’t have the best security (please support WPA-enterprise!) like Belkin’s WeMo never had any form of verifying your devices to using the Sky app to control Sky HD boxes.

Different manufactures implement guest access / isolation differently with their own pros and cons however having this feature is better than not having it all.

There’s a non technical debate like what kind of friend / family are they if they are malicious? My answer is why not take control and not leave it to trust.


Hopefully the above gives you an idea what to look for beyond the speed aspect of a router / wireless access. Special thanks to Dave again for looking into this.

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