Windows file name(s) are too long

I wanted to delete some Windows 8 store cache files but an error came up when I tried to delete them from Explorer.

I found a cool way to get around this as Windows have a limitation of not just file name length but it includes the file path. If I remember correctly the full path including the file name cannot be longer than 255 characters (this may have changed with Windows 7/8).

A tip I found on superuser website was to mount a drive at the parent folder:
Start > Run > “cmd” and press enter (no quotes)

Go to the parent directory where the files are that should be removed.

In the parent folder type in:
subst j: .
where j: is the drive letter to assign.

Go back to This PC (My Computer or Computer) and there will be a new drive with the letter from above command.

Delete the files that are too long.

Go back to the command line and remove the new drive:
subst /d j:

How to delete a file with a path too long to be deleted [duplicate]

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