WordPress 2.5 RC3

Following the setup of the test site I installed 2.5 Release Candidate 3 and I’m glad to say my theme seems to be working fine with it. The new version does look more or less the same from the public site point of view but the big changes can be noticed in the admin section of the site.


The new theme and layout of the pages takes a bit of getting use to. There is a lot of blues and the top row of navigation buttons have moved and re-ordered to include more options/settings. Options has now been renamed to settings and moved to the right side of the screen along with plugins and users. This is a lot better because these are possibly the most used options I use (besides the “Write”).

Media Library

The Content Management System (CMS) that WordPress essentially is now has a built in “Media Library”. I’m not 100% sure how this works because I do have media on this site yet it hasn’t picked them up. I’m guessing they have to be placed in a specific directory.

Manage Posts

Posts have been separated out so that you can see “Published”, “Drafts” and “Private” categories easier in the manage section.

All the plugins that I have beem using for this site works so far! Pretty good for RC3.

The privacy option still lacks the ability to block public access.

Overall it looks very nice. A lot of cosmetic changes than technical changes from what I can see.

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