WordPress 2.7 – Big UI Changes


I have successfully upgraded to WordPress 2.7.

Quick Overview

It may not look like it from the front page but from my Admin side they have re-worked a lot. The forms look a lot more stylish and Web 2.0. The buttons are rounded and the menu has been moved and changed. It does over all look nice but with it comes some draw back like the Tag box has been moved to the side bar which has made it a lot shorter.

Lightbox has been extended to the plugins page which is nice but annoying the same time. I always update my plugins manually but with light box it has added an extra step to open the dialogue box, open the plugin page in the background and then close lightbox before switching to the plugin page tab.

The menus have been moved to the left hand side of the admin page. This consolidates all the settings compared to the scattered layout before. In addition to the modified menu bar they have added icons for each menu item. A nice addition.

Blog Post

Blog Post

Overall not bad change. There was a poll on and feedback on these changes by the WordPress developers (which I part took) and I’m fairly satisfied with the changes made.

The Dashboard has been re-organised and I think uses the space more efficiently. There is a handy quick post feature which allows you to write a blog post without diving into the navigation. I’m sure I will be using this a lot to write drafts as it does not feature Tagging or category options.



I’m sure there are more changes but these are the one’s that are most noticeable to me.

WordPress 2.7 Announcement
WordPress Website

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